Developing Healthy Leaders 

“Inconceivable that we have not availed ourselves of this incredible opportunity before this time.” – RE Joyce Wilson. 

“It was so great to come together as leaders of the church and to receive guidance on how to move ahead.  I feel so encouraged”  RE Mary Morrison

“The content was appropriate, interesting, and the presentation inspiring. We all left uplifted, and thankful for the opportunity to learn and share together.” RE Ken Gasper

After God, Scriptures, and prayer the most important ingredient of any congregation or ministry is healthy, effective spiritual leaders learning and leading together. 

Northwest Coast Presbytery helps you develop spiritual leaders for healthy, effective ministry. 

For pastoral leaders and those who love them we:

For sessions, congregations and teams we:

  • Educate officers and staff in developing as spiritual leaders, reformed theology, Presbyterian polity

  • Coach congregations through leadership and staffing transitions

  • Provide coaching, training and assistance with pastoral transitions and searches

  • Develop spiritual leadership for sessions and other ministry teams through consulting, challenging, accountability and long-term leadership development partnership.

  • Mediate conflict “that the welfare of the church may be strengthened”

Share what you’re thinking and we’ll craft a solution together. 

Rev. Amy Delaney, Edmonds PC, Co-Moderator of COM
Rev. Hallack Greider, Maplewood PC, Co-Moderator

Image by Ruth Frazee