Upcoming Healthy Boundaries Training

Healthy Boundaries 201 (English) 

  • Friday, October 25, Noon-4:00 pm -  Shoreline WA (Calvin Presbyterian), day of the Presbytery Leadership Summit.  Trainers Jane Van Antwerp & Greg Ellis. Register online (bottom of page).   

Healthy Boundaries 201 (Korean) 

  • Friday October 25, Noon—4:00pm -Shoreline WA (Calvin Presbyterian), day of the Presbytery Leadership Summit.  Trainers Jinsuk Kim and Johan Shin. Register online (bottom of page).  

101/Level 1
This is the required first course in healthy boundaries.
You need only take this course once.
Contact Amy Delaney to schedule

201/Level 2
For Clergy and others who are required to complete this training every three years.  This is the half-day refresher course.  Level 101 is pre-requisite.

Healthy Boundaries 101:  Healthy boundaries in our relationships with others are an essential component of a healthy ministry.   As leaders who have been entrusted with caring for others, we have the responsibility to set appropriate boundaries and model professional behavior in our ministry.  

In this workshop, using materials from the FaithTrust Institute, we will:
•  Define boundaries and why they are important, both psychologically and theologically,
•  Increase awareness of the need for healthy boundaries in our relationships, and how those boundaries are affected by our relative power or vulnerability,
•  Illustrate strategies to sustain a safe and healthy church environment,
•  Consider the many challenges to our boundary setting, such as gifts, friendships, dual relationships, dating, and social media, and
•  Provide guidelines for appropriate boundaries and self-care, including expectations of the PCUSA and the local presbytery.

Healthy Boundaries: Beyond the Basics 201 is scheduled for those who have previously completed a full day of Healthy Boundaries 101 misconduct prevention training.

Healthy Boundaries: Beyond the Basics 201 is a refresher course with new topics.  In this shorter workshop you will be reminded of the need for healthy boundaries and good self-care.  We will review the reality of power, and the policies & procedures necessary to protect vulnerable children, youth, & adults in your congregations.  And we will consider the boundary challenges posed by finances and sexual attraction.  The presentations will include material from the new FaithTrust Institute’s 201 course of the same name.

It is the policy of Northwest Coast Presbytery to require training in healthy boundaries / misconduct prevention of all Teaching Elders, Certified Ruling Elders, and Certified Christian Educators every three years.  (MMM 8.0101)

Come join us for a busy morning as we support each other in our efforts to be leaders with integrity in our communities.  

There are typically two registration options:   

  • 9am – Noon. For church staff and congregational leaders who would like an introduction to healthy boundaries. Cost is $5 for materials. Email list of staff members to NWCP office.

  • 9am - 1pm. For Clergy and others who are required to complete this training every three years. For this group a workbook and lunch will be provided. Cost is $25 for additional materials and lunch.

Healthy Boundaries 301:  If you have completed BOTH Healthy Boundaries 101 and 201, or their equivalents, you are invited to fulfill your next boundary training in a unique way – by watching a movie together!  Come join us for a screening of a relevant academy award winning drama. We will review our understanding of boundaries & power, watch the movie, and then discuss the issues it raises.  Popcorn will be provided.   Cost: $15.  

Rev. Amy Delaney is currently the pastor at Edmonds Presbyterian Church.   Amy's experience in the prevention of misconduct includes work in Christian Education, spiritual direction, parish ministry, serving on the PJC (Seattle), COM assignments, and a psychology degree that never ceases to come in handy.   She has a strong conviction that prevention is the key to reducing misconduct in our churches.

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