Northwest Coast Presbytery engages, equips, and encourages people and congregations as they follow Jesus Christ to transform the world.

We exist so that each person, congregation, ministry, or ministry-to-be in our care can be the most faithful, healthy, and vibrant expression of Christ’s church possible.  You can do it! We can help. 

We engage, equip, and encourage through:

  • Relationships and partnerships within and beyond Northwest Coast Presbytery that bless and serve each other.
  • Leadership Summits and other gatherings where we worship God, build community, teach & learn, and network for God’s mission on earth.
  • One-to-one conversations, coaching, consulting, spiritual directing.
  • Group consulting and coaching with sessions, committees, and teams. 
  • We tap the deep well of expertise and talent in our staff and network of volunteers and professionals to best serve you!

Your ministry matters now! Pickup the phone and call us at 425.355.0922. This number will connect you with any staff person wherever they are.  If they aren’t available you will get a call by the next business day.

Developing Healthy Leaders
The most important ingredient of any congregation or ministry is healthy, effective spiritual leaders. [more]

Guiding through pastoral transitions
From saying good-bye to calling and onboarding a new pastor, our COM guides congregations through  [more]

Transforming Ministry for the 21st Century
At times in a congregation’s life when deeper change is needed to align with what God is doing in the people and communities around you, we [more] 

Korean Ministry
1/3 of our members and seven congregations in Northwest Coast Presbytery are primarily Korean-American.  [more] 

Encouraging the Next Generation
Are you being called to pastoral ministry?  Ever heard, “I see gifts for ministry in you.”  The Commission on Preparation for Ministry works with [more]

Starting new ministries for Christ’s sake
We help you move from Inspiration to Incarnation to Sustainability
We encourage and equip innovative people to bring Jesus-driven ideas into the world.  [more]

Consulting for healthy governance 
Why is the PC(USA) designed as it is?  How should we change our by-laws? What requires the congregation’s approval and what requires session approval? [more]

Granting funds for ministry
Since 2009 Northwest Coast Presbytery has provided over $350,000 in grants to over 50 projects in our congregations and communities. [more]

Growing Generous People
Are you implementing or thinking about a more intentional approach to financial stewardship? Or building an pathway for planned giving? [more]

Stewarding Staff
Supervising staff, conducting staff reviews, developing staffing plans, setting and reviewing compensation [more]

Giving voice to the church
Northwest Coast Presbytery is the body through which our people and congregations can access and advocate at all levels of the church.  Contact Rev. Dean Strong, 425.355.0922.